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I saw that the (insert product name/product link) is sold out! Will you be getting anymore in? // If it is vintage, no we will not. If it is a Modern Vintage Inspired piece we may get more in, but most likely not.

I love this vintage (insert product name) but saw it isn't my size. Will you be getting another one in my size? // It is unlikely we will. With vintage we only carry one of each and the likelihood of getting the exact item in a different size does not occur often.

I am looking for something very specific for my event, can you help me? // Unfortunately we are no longer able to assist with researching and sourcing garments for specific events due to the volume of emails and enquiries we receive daily.

I want to start my own vintage company. Can you give me some advice? // Google is wonderful :) Also check out our blog, we post Behind The Scenes/Shop Talk stuff there.

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