GM: Vixen Vintage

Reading Solanah's blog, Vixen Vintage, is like finding a journal/album of a gal from the 1940s and it coming to life! Solanah lives and breathes vintage and I adore that she attends so many vintage events like Art Deco tea at the Pittock Mansion in Portland and has participated in Civil War Re-enactments. Thank you Solanh for being our Gal of the Month, truly, we adore you and think you're amazing!


Hello, what is your name? Solanah

Where do you reside? Vancouver Washington, just outside of Portland Oregon

How old were you when you started to love and adore vintage? It's always been a part of my life, though I started wearing it regularly in High School.

Which era of vintage do you love the most and why? I really like the 20's through the 60's, but I have a soft spot for the 40's.

Which vintage Hollywood icons inspire you the most? Katharine Hepburn. Last year I was lucky enough to see an exhibit at Kent State on Katharine Hepburn's wardrobe. It had a number of her costumes form film and stage, as well as lots of her slacks! I thought that was the most exciting. Her red slacks and her brogues are what stuck in my mind, because I felt like that was what represented her the most, the shoes were well worn, and I just loved seeing that.

Please share a vintage beauty tip with us: I think a girl can really take a vintage look the the next level with a vintage hairstyle. With a little practice they're not too difficult, I promise! Knowing how to work with your hair, and adapt to that is most important. My hair is fairly thick and naturally wavy, so it holds artificial curl well. Try using lottabody setting lotion if your have fine hair. I think the best thing us modern vintage girls have figured out is that washing your hair everyday is a no no. I usually wash mine every three days, four if I can. In those days I can re-set it in pin curls, use dry shampoo, or do an up-do on the third or fourth day. I've never had so many compliments on my hair as when it's four days old, it just looks healthy, and it is better for it! 3

So tell me about the Civil War Re-enactment event you went to. How long have you been attending them and what piqued your interest about them? (My fella's brother was a Cival War Re-enacter up in Oregon!) Last year was our first, it just seemed like a fun thing to do! This year we got way more into that we initially planned, we all ended up wearing period specific clothing, and my husband even joined the battle. Was so much fun!

What's a normal day like in the life of a vintage vixen? Not too exciting I'm afraid! After I get the daily housework done it's a toss between doing a project at home (knitting usually), or walking around downtown Vancouver and stopping by an antique mall to see my friend Twila Jean. I also love spending time in the old requisitioned army barracks. Built before WWI, they have beautiful architecture, and as the army is no longer stationed there, it's just a nice place to bring a lunch or a book and look out over the scenery.

Your vintage style transcends from so many different eras, which era of vintage do you love the most and why? I love the war era most of all, I always come back to it. I think I love it because women had to make the most of what they had, and they did amazing things. The amount of creativity that went into some homemade garments is astonishing. I also love the silhouette of the early 40s, it seemed like it was feminine, but with a strong aspect often seen in menswear (stronger shoulders, tailored lines, less frills and more streamline).



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