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Adored Vintage Guide to a Vintage Inspired Life
With the release of the Baz Luhrman's, "The Great Gatsby" and the upcoming Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governor's Island in New York, we are just jonesing to throw ourselves a little 20s themed outdoor fete! Here is the Adored Vintage guide on how to throw a Jazz Age Lawn Party!

But, before we get to the fun party planning stuff, here are some fantastic vintage inspiration photos of jolly folk enjoying lawn party games, cocktails, and having general sorts of fun.
Adored Vintage Guide to a Vintage Inspired Life



It should be a given that since you're throwing a lawn party it should be thrown outdoors! Perhaps in a lovely park or in a garden. And if you haven't got either one at hand (what, you don't have a sprawling meticulously groomed lawn?!) your backyard or front lawn will do. And well, if all you've got is a rooftop...then just decorate with lots of flowers and plants and maybe roll out some astro turf! Make the best with what you got babes!
Adored Vintage Guide to a Vintage Inspired Life


Well it wouldn't be a lawn party without some classic vintage lawn party games! And it wouldn't be a jazz age party without some jazzy tunes! We highly recommend a rousing round of croquet for your lawn party! If you haven't got a croquet set (what, don't have one of these either?!) there are plenty of vintage sets on Ebay and Etsy or you can purchase a new set on Amazon. Since we are a vintage shop and we love all things vintage, we do recommend purchasing a vintage croquet set!

Read up more about the sport of croquet and visit this website to find out the rules of playing croquet

Jazz music is pretty easy to come by. You can just listen to a jazz radio station on Spotify or Pandora and be good to go! BUT...we like to take it up one more notch and suggest some fantastic Jazz Age Era artists for those of you who are more purists.


Jazz Age Artists
1.] Louis Armstrong
2.] Duke Ellington
3.] Bessie Smith
4.] Benny Goodman
5.] Ma Rainey

And you can't forget about dancing! The Charleston is the most popular dance during the Jazz Age of the 1920s. But there's also The Cake Walk, The Baltimore Buzz, and the Black Bottom.

Adored Vintage Guide to a Vintage Inspired Life


And now our favorite part, and probably the best part about a jazz age lawn party... dressing up for the occasion! Now, we're not going to be at the party you plan/attend so we won't nit pick on your choice. But we do have some lovely inspirations and suggestions to wear to your 1920s/30s themed lawn party!

Firstly, the great Jazz Age was during the 1920s and seeped into the 1930s during the Great Depression. So vintage clothing from these two decades would be most appropriate! We have several selections in our vintage shop... Jazz Age Lawn Party Vintage Clothing. Here are vintage 1920s and 1930s lawn party fashion ideas for you to peruse!

Adored Vintage Guide to a Vintage Inspired Life

Floral silk and chiffon dresses from the 1930s would be an absolute appropriate choice as well as mid to late 1920s dresses. You could go for a flapper beaded dress, but since this is a daytime event, we would recommend the glitter and sparkles for after sunset affairs! We also love vintage straw hats and floral accessories for your hair. A lovely parasol and gloves would be a perfect accessories and keep the harsh sun rays off your powdered face.



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