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A deep love for fashion and history bore the idea of ADORED VINTAGE, an online vintage clothing boutique for modern women that love fanciful and pretty things. Each vintage garment is hand selected for quality, beauty, and relevance to modern day fashion. We believe each garment bears a tale from its past and the women that chooses a vintage garment from our shop loves the idea of adding her own chapter to the story of a dress.

About Adored Vintage




1.] Funny Face is my all time favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. It has nearly everything I love. Audrey. France. Fashion. Singing. Dancing. Fred Astaire. Photography. Cool beatnik bar where you can dance all kooky and NO ONE seems to notice and later on get featured in a snazzy Gap commercial! 

2.] My favorite era is the 1930s and then when the 30s had a short revival in the 70s. I'm definitely a sucker for lace and florals, but hate when people assume I must really be into shabby chic because of it. I love feminine styles, but hate fuss.

3.] I really love polka dots. And triangles. And arrows. That's probably apparent in a lot of the graphic design I do for ADORED VINTAGE. 

4.] Peonies and Ranunculus are my favorite flowers. But I just love flowers in general. I have several just drying around my studio and once in awhile I throw some into a package I am sending off around the world. I really hope gals that get their orders aren't all "WHY did I get dead plants with this gorgeous dress?!"

5.] I collect Fairy Tale books. Sometimes I buy old books just for their covers. 

6.] Clair De Lune. Probably my all time favorite song ever. Actually, it IS my favorite. Whenever I hear those first notes, it just...ahh, just gets to me.

7.] Color coding. And lining things up. Sorting stuff. I'm weird. I like things to be organized, but I am forever losing my phone and keys. 

8.] Jellyfish are really cool. I'm mesmerized by them at aquariums. Especially the ones that light up! How CRAZY are those little fellas?!

9.] Lingerie and nightgowns from the 1920s are the epitome of pretty intimates in my opinion. Unfortunately most of my collection isn't all that wearable to bed since they're a bit fragile. I've torn two in my sleep already! (I must be having ninja dreams or something!) 

10.] Grey, cream, white, and pale peach pink are my favorite colors. I like pale colors in general. 


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