How to Be A Lovely Friend

I was recently reading "What Would Audrey Do" by Pamela Keogh and came across a quote by Connie Wald about one of her dearest friends, the legendary Audrey Hepburn (although we Audrey fans know well enough Miss Hepburn would blush at being called "legendary")

So Connie Wald was asked what Audrey Hepburn was like as a friend and here is what she said: 

"...she was thoughtful, and loving, and full of care. I remember one Easter she arrived here, and she had this huge great box from a great chocolatier in Luasanne, and a box of little eggs, the most beautiful thing, and she lugged it all the way from Switzerland! And flowers, and letters..."

 Keogh, Pamela. What Would Audrey Do. New York. 2008

Adored Vintage / How To Be A Lovely Friend

Adored Vintage / How To Be A Lovely Friend

Adored Vintage / How To Be A Lovely Friend

And this little snippet actually inspired me to start this whole new section on the Adored Vintage website. A Guide on "How To Be Lovely", Vintage Advice, Tips, Imagery, and Inspiration for the Modern Woman on how to evoke loveliness in your life and how to be lovely both on the inside and the outside. 

Perhaps too this is my way of somehow capturing some of the spirit that I love so much about Victoria magazine. One of their taglines for many years was "Return To Loveliness" and this always struck a certain chord with me as it may with you if you have been following the Adored Vintage and yours truly for some time.

And so the first topic of choice is How to Be A Lovely Friend and what Connie Wald said about Audrey Hepburn I think is a wonderful example of being a lovely friend.

Thoughtful. Loving. Full Of Care.

How can you show THOUGHTFULNESS to your friends today? How can you be LOVING? How can you show you CARE for your friends?

A Lovely Quote

Adored Vintage / How To Be A Lovely Friend