1,000 Simple Ways to Live Beautifully... Really?

Perhaps 1,000 is bit lofty, I mean I don't even know if I know of 800 simple ways to live beautifully...let alone 500 or 200 off the top of my head. However, I wanted to start penning down my thoughts, reflections, and ideas on how I add bits of beauty and joy in my everyday life and thought I would share them with all of you.

Whether I reach 1,000 or not is not the most important thing. At the moment, the most important (for me, personally) is starting this project as an outlet for my online vintage shop which more or less has become a shop filled with pretty and feminine clothing both vintage and modern and definitely more of a lifestyle. Well, in my own head it's become a lifestyle shop. Though, I'm sure many would argue with me that it isn't.

So why this project? 

Since closing down my brick & mortar (you really ought to read my Shopkeeper Journal post on how I really feel about owning a brick & mortar shop) I've found a renewed vigor to grow and expand this corner of loveliness I've created on the interwebs.

Of course Adored Vintage first and foremost is an online women's boutique, but my vision for it down the road is more than just a shop. I've always wanted it to be a place of refuge from the troubles of the world. A place where you could stay awhile, linger, and be inspired. 

I want you to feel like when you come to Adored Vintage, that it's like going to your favorite friend's house. Welcoming, inviting, unpretentious, lovely, calming...all the good things!

Thank you for being my guest on this journey. I know together we will be able to infuse the world with more beauty, light, and loveliness to counteract all the darkness in the world.