Favorite Things: Antique Victorian & Edwardian Tops

Favorite Things: Antique Victorian & Edwardian Tops

Here at Adored Vintage we have a penchant for romantic antique and vintage clothing, and what could be more romantic than an antique blouse from the Edwardian or Victorian era? 

You might wonder to yourself: "How do I wear an antique top for modern day?" 


Antique 1900s Crochet Trimmed Corset Cover Antique 1890s Victorian eyelet pleated blouse 

It's quite simple! You can easily pair a 1900s corset cover with a classic a-line skirt for a romantic feminine look. You can wear a long sleeved antique Victorian blouse with your favorite pair of high waist denim jeans, boots, and strands of delicately beaded jewelry for a bohemian inspired outfit. 

If you'll take a closer look at antique blouses, you'll recognize a lot of details and designs are replicated in modern day clothing found at Anthropologie and Free People.


Antique 1900s Pinstriped Corset Cover Antique 1890s Broderie Anglais Cotton Corset Cover


Antique corset covers easily translate to modern day by being worn like camisoles or tank tops, but a MUCH MUCH prettier option in my humble opinion :) I add several antique tops and blouses in the shop every month and also into my personal collection... 

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