Focusing on Self Care, #lifeadored, & What I read in Forbes

Rodellee Bas
Focusing on Self Care, #lifeadored, & What I read in Forbes

Our first buying trip to Los Angeles was a whirlwind! It was kind of crazy to be back in the city of Angels...where Adored Vintage really started taking root. 

Can't say I missed you L.A., but there is a part of me that misses California and all that sunshine. 

Don't get me wrong, I will wax poetic about fog and trees and grey days for hours. But sometimes, you need to photograph 50 new pieces for the shop and the sun emoji hasn't appeared in the weather forecast for weeks. 

So there's that. So, that's why I miss the sun.

*side note, a friend of mine is going to teach me about studio lights. Another vintage shop seller struggle. Natural light vs. studio light? 

OK, so let's get on topic...SELF CARE. I have decided that November is going to be the month I focus on SELF CARE. Why November? I don't know, it seems like a good time. It's right before the crazy holidays where I get to rightfully gain 8 lbs and hide a growing waistline with cozy sweaters. 

Honestly, the reason I decided SELF CARE is happening this month is because when I went to L.A. I realized I packed so few things that really gave SELF any attention.

I packed ONE dress. Which I wore every day I was there. I also barely packed any makeup. I didn't pack shampoo/conditioner/lotion. I didn't even pack deodorant. Not that I'm a stinky person, but you know...that's pretty basic. 

I also had to buy toothpaste at the airport. 

Maybe I am just not great at adulting while traveling...! I don't know! But, the realization that my needs were the last thing on my mind during this trip made me take pause. Like WHOA... I need to give myself a little self love this month! 

Adored Vintage | Eliza Doolittle Costume

So, NOVEMBER - SELF CARE month! We will be doing more posts about this over on the AV BLOG. 

BTW...this Journal (not, but this actual thing you're reading right now) is going to mostly be personal posts from yours truly. Not sure how this will go over, let's just take it from here and keep the ball rolling.

Next topic. #lifeadored!

I've been using this hashtag for probably a year now on random posts on my Instagram that I can look back on and remember precisely what I was feeling in that moment. Loving life. Appreciating life. Being grateful for that moment. Everyone should have a #lifeadored moment every day! Reminding yourself to be grateful is so important. No matter what you're going through, my hope is you can always find ONE thing that brings you joy and reminds you that our time here on Earth is numbered. Make your moments and days count! 

So today, I had a lot of #lifeadored moments! Maybe I'll start doing daily #lifeadored moments. Sometimes they're really simple. Here's a quick list (not complete) of my #lifeadored moments today:

  1. I got to do a #friyaydancing video on instagram and made myself laugh (click here to watch it)
  2. My photographer friend Annika came to the studio to do some work and I really enjoy her company. And also her German accent. She's so cute.
  3. Peanut butter BROOKIES! If you don't know what a Brookie is, you should watch my Instagram stories about them. Yuuuummm. 

Have you had any moments this week that just made you smile? Start tagging your photos on Instagram with #lifeadored and share your moments with us! The world could always use more goodness, happiness, hope, and all around positive and magic vibes. 

OK, last on the list! What I read in FORBES magazine. 

Now, I must preface that I never read Forbes magazine. I'm not really that business-y. But last night I got locked out of the house and my husband was at a beer event, so I had an hour to kill, so I went to the bookstore and read magazines. 

So, what I read in Forbes, in the first paragraph of an article, was how the global economy is basically going to pieces. It's on a steady decline. And the article went on about what this means for consumption of goods. 

And it made me think about pricing. And selling. And affordability. And all sorts of numbers which made my head hurt so I went and got myself a mini scone at Starbucks to chase away the antsyness. (antsiness?) Both are misspelled and made up words probaby. 

The short version of my long drawn out thought process, is that I'm going to keep prices for the Modern Day clothing at Adored Vintage affordable. Most of the gals that shop at AV are fresh out of college, working their first jobs, trying to figure out life (renting apartments, getting cars, figuring out what's the difference between a Roth IRA and a 401K), or she's newly married, or just had a precious little cutie patootie baby (I love babies!)...

You see where I'm getting at here? 

Adored Vintage | At Home

The AV Gal is living (and loving) her life. She wears her clothes to go live that life. She's not working her butt off to pay a credit card bill for 1 dress that cost $350. She's working her butt off because she wants to spend her hard earned money on a new stove or a week long vacation somewhere warm. I want the AV Gal to do most of her heavy spending on life experiences. Well, and on the occasional ultra special antique Edwardian dress she might wear to get married in...SEE, STILL LIFE EXPERIENCE oriented! 

All righty...well, it's getting late and I've officially been at my office for 12 hrs working and feeling loopy. SELF CARE involves food/diet so I suppose my plans for getting McDonald's has now been obliterated. Dang it.

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