Four Feminine Vintage Inspired Dresses I'm Loving Right Now

When I made the decision to start selling modern vintage inspired clothing at Adored Vintage, I knew that I wanted to remain true to the aesthetic of the AV girl... feminine silhouettes, timeless styles, and with a penchant for florals and soft muted tones.

Each one of these vintage inspired dresses in the shop were hand selected by yours truly and I keep in mind "Les Femmes Adored" when I made decision to add them to the shop. Make Them Yours: Vintage Inspired Dresses

Where would she wear this dress? How often will she be able to wear it? Is it easy to care for? Does it feel nice against the skin? 

You may have noticed that here at Adored Vintage I tend to select a lot of midi dresses and the main reason is most of the women that shop vintage tend to favor longer lengths. I also find midi dresses to be a great year around and appropriate for multiple occasions length.

In selecting the dresses for my shop, I also consider prints and patterns. Polka dots, stripes, and small floral prints will never go out of style. These prints are forever classics and really should be staples in your wardrobe...well the AV girl wardrobe anyway :)

I think what makes it a bit easier for me to choose and buy these vintage inspired styles is that I'm also my ideal client. Haha, that sounds so weird to say, but it's true! When I get to visit showrooms I gravitate to certain silhouettes, colors, and prints... I am drawn to the styles that evoke what vintage inspired means to me. I think "Ooo, I need this in my wardrobe, I'll wear it over and over! I have five different scenarios I can imagine myself wearing this!"

Can't you picture yourself in all sorts of places with the dresses above? A picnic at the park, a stroll through a farmer's market, an afternoon wandering a library and selecting books for inspiration, attending a friend's baby shower, going to a potluck, something to wear for a day at a seaside town...I could go on and on!

I want you to know, that I will always continue to keep these things in mind when I select vintage inspired styles for my online shop:

Does it fit the feminine and timeless aesthetic of Adored Vintage?

Are the prints classic and timeless?

Does the cut and silhouette pay homage to vintage clothing?

Can the dress be worn for multiple occasions?

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