Mix-N-Match Floral Skirt & Blouses

Here at Adored Vintage we tend to gravitate towards a certain color palette (muted colors, neutrals, softly faded hues...) and certain prints (florals, stripes, tiny dots)... so these vintage shop new arrivals are a perfect example of all the things we love! 

I've also been working on getting more jewelry in the online shop! The selection of jewelry I carry at the AV brick & mortar is fairly popular with local Portland gals, so I've been working on getting better at also getting these listed online for you gals that don't live here. 

I tend to live minimal and simple jewelry though I've really been into wearing different types of hoop earrings lately. I also love delicate and simple necklaces for wearing alone or layering. So look for more feminine and minimal jewelry to trickle into the shop soon! 

And is it too early to mention... all of these jewelry pieces would make great Holiday Gifts? 


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