Pretty & Feminine Clothes: This Week's Shop Update Preview

One of the aspects of Adored Vintage shop updates I really enjoy is curating the weekly "collection" to be released. If you've followed my shop the past few years, you know quite well these collections were 100% one of a kind vintage and then ever so slowly one modern piece would get thrown into the mix. The past few shop updates have mostly been focused on pretty and feminine vintage modern clothing, though last week's shop update was heavy on the vintage and light on the modern. 

Don't you worry my vintage loving gals, Adored Vintage will never stop carrying one of a kind beauties from the past! 

This week's shop update (which will be peppered into the shop throughout tomorrow) features some of my favorite colors. Well, I know YOU KNOW that cream and ecru (and any variation of off white really) are my favorite colors, but I also deeply love those warm rust and terracotta colors.

The polka dot midi dress is that perfect shade of red orange that's saturated down... not quite a rust, not quite a tomato. The paperbag high waist trousers is that in between terracotta and clay with a touch of salmon. 

It doesn't seem like it, but I actually DO love colors. I just like a very specific palette of colors. Like curtains or tableclothes that may have once been vibrant but with age and wear and exposure to sun it's faded and weathered. I LOVE that. And those are the colors I like to wear and like to purchase for the shop. 

I'm also super excited that I'll be carrying MODERN shoes that have a feminine and classic feel to them. 

Vintage Inspired Shoes Feminine Modern Style

Vintage Inspired Shoes Feminine Modern Style

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