The Mystical Art of Kathleen Lolly

Here at the studio, we understand that magic is a special thing which is found, not always given. You must look for it around corners and beneath flower pots, or take chances into your own hands and imbue it into the treasured objects around you. So how delighted were we to find these enchanting paintings by visual artist Kathleen Lolly! Her paintings evoke imagery of the Victorian Era, a time when friends and loved ones laced life with the language of flowers, with symbolism in every gesture, with equal measures of whimsy and somber romance. 

And if that sounds like your cup of tea, dear reader, then you may find some delight in our more whimsical items in the shop, like these sweet crochet gloves or even our storybook locket! Take a gander but first, please enjoy the following loveliness. 


Image source: Kathleen Lolly on Pinterest

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