Vintage Shop Update / Gentle Land

I have been comfortably settling into the new lay of the land here at AV HQ now that I'm back to running the shop all by my lonesome again. In some odd way this is a comfort, I can be such a recluse at times!

It's a good thing I run the brick & mortar otherwise I might not have real human contact for several weeks (aside from my husband) and in all fairness, this wouldn't really bother me much. 

Anyhow... this week's shop update features some very pretty vintage and vintage inspired things. We went out to McMinneville to visit friends and snapped some photos while there (which I'll do a separate post of some other time)

You can shop the latest NEW ARRIVALS or see the collection GENTLE LAND that I put together. I really do enjoy putting these mini collections together, it's like telling stories but through garments and I have always said, if these clothes could speak...the vintage ones especially...oh the tales they could tell.

And as for the modern vintage inspired clothing here at Adored Vintage... well these beauties are waiting for chapters to be created by you. They're like blank fresh new notebooks!

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