Where is a cute place to have brunch in Portland?

Portland, Oregon is a wonderful place to visit and a pretty great place to live! It's also a mecca of cute Kinfolk-y brunch spots and because many of the gals that follow Adored Vintage on Instagram know I am based out of this beautiful city, I often get asked for recommendations on where to eat, shop, and what to do in Portland!

I am going to start some quickie guides to this fair city my husband and I call home with a new series #thatavgirl guides. These guides are Adored Vintage approved... meaning wonderful food (usually on the simpler fare), presentation, and the ambience and aesthetics is charming, vintage inspired, and just darn cute! (And let's be real, Adored Vintage approved also means it's going to look super cute on your instagram!)

I'll do one for "Where to eat in Portland" (EATS) "Where to shop in Portland" (SHOPS) and "What to do in Portland" (DOING THINGS) 

Anyhow, back to Portland being a mecca of cute BRUNCH places! People in Portland are SERIOUS about brunch. There's an entire Portlandia skit on it and it is seriously not that much of an exaggeration. 

So... Where should you, vintage loving gal, have Brunch in Portland? 

Trinket in SE Portland!

It's small and cozy. I love all the vintage chairs and the antique lighting. ALL the food is great and I highly recommend trying the specials, the pork al pastor, and get ya a slice of that salted honey pie! 

Trinket on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trinketpdx/

Address: 2035 SE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. Portland, OR 97214 (they have a parking lot, but there's tons of street parking since it's in a neighborhood)

Vintage aesthetic bonus points for using vintage and antique plates for all their dishes! 

Trinket opens at 8 AM. Get there early. Locals LOVE this place and tourists are starting to really get to know about it too... *EXTRA TIP* Call ahead and put your name on the wait list. OMG...my friends are going to hate me for telling you that! But it has saved us so much time in the past! 



  • Katie Dessin On

    Oh I LOVE this!! Thank you for sharing! I’m always looking for new places to brunch it up in Portland!

  • Jyssica On

    Just love that you’re introducing this series! This spot looks darling – I’ve lived here for a little while now but never been to Trinket. Time to try it out!

  • Melanie On

    I’ve never heard of Trinket, and I thought I knew all the good spots. Thanks for sharing! Must try now for sure.

  • kate Ames On

    I love Trinket! I actually live really close to it, but always forget it’s there until I drive by and see the huge line!

  • Amy Olson On

    ooohh yes, I love Trinket!
    great idea and great reminder of such a cute place. looking forward to seeing more of your series!

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