A Time For Everything

I met with a friend of mine today for coffee and some business branding and marketing coaching (it's a little thing I do on the side for fun) and we had a heartfelt discussion about time and time management. 

We are always looking for time to get ALL THE THINGS done. As someone who has started a couple of businesses and also operating them, I know this frantic search all too well. 

What I have learned though as I get older (perhaps wiser?) and as my business starts to get out of the growing pains that you will NEVER HAVE ENOUGH TIME to do everything you want to do. 

How To Be Lovely: Time & Time Management

I know that sounds rather disheartening, but it should be encouraging for you. Really examine what it is in your life that is occupying your time so much. Why do you feel the need for more time to accomplish more things? What is the purpose of it? What benefits will more time give you? 

There will always be more things for you to do. As soon as you cross off one thing from your to-do list you will excitedly want to add more to your to-do list. (Don't pretend like you've never done this, we're friends, we can be honest here

This is a slippery slope! The fervent habit of adding more and more to your To-Do List. You must allow yourself to not always just be doing busywork. Accept the things you need to get done today and don't do more and then try to enjoy the task at hand. 

How To Be Lovely: Time & Time Management

I once read in a book (it was an old Mary Kay book her new recruits would get) and I read mine so often it started to get pretty beat up (it was my Mom's) and there was a bit in there about only have SIX THINGS on your to-do list everyday.

Start from the top and work your way down. Don't add anymore than those 6. 

If you don't complete all 6, then make the task you're on the number 1 task for tomorrow. 

I always found this to be good advice. Six things is not very overwhelming. Of course 6 things can be broken down into sub bullets on the list. 

During the day give yourself 15 minutes for self reflection and meditation. And give yourself a pat on the back and some kudos for getting things done today and managing your time well! 

Remember, you can't do everything. And nor should you try. Do what you can in the time you are given. 

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