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Oh, Autumn, the season for change and reflection, we are so happy to welcome you back! We love this time of year for its many splendid offerings like spiced treats, warm beverages and the chilly weather that makes us bundle up in all sorts of cozy layers. The AV gal has an affinity for classic, timelessly feminine dresses and skirts and autumn is no exception. Layering a classic knit sweater or cardigan over your floral midi dress seems to even add to the romance, don't you think? At least, doing so gives us all the dreamy feelings of walking through the misty British countryside and reciting our favorite Keats poems. 

Sweaters & Knits for Autumn / Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing

 We take inspiration from nature all year round but there is something especially magical about this season. The burnt ocher, pumpkin, buttermilk cream, nutmeg brown and crisp white. Perhaps it's the way that nature seems to settle in to a certain synchronicity, a palette of more muted hues that compliment each other and seem to say in a whisper, we're in this together. We swoon to see these shades in nature and delight in finding them again in classic pieces to wear all year round. 

Sweaters & Knitwear for Autumn / Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing

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