Enchanté Ashe!

The team at Adored Vintage is now an official team because there are actually two of us here now! Before it was just me! A big part of growing the company and finding gals to work alongside me is I want to bring on people that embody the AV girl spirit. Feminine, romantic, spirited, lover of beauty and creating beautiful things. I sat down with Ashe and asked her some questions so you can get to know her better!

Describe your perfect Sunday?

Waking up early and running a bath. Making a large mug of black tea with milk and honey. Tossing on my favorite sundress and sandals. Heading to my favorite thrift stores to look for vintage. A leisurely walk to the farmer's market and grocery store to look for inspired ingredients. An afternoon slice of pie and cup of coffee with a good book. And an early evening picnic or cooking a delicious meal.

Bonjour Ashe! The newest member of the AV Family!

Tell me your beauty routine you gorgeous creature you!

I love the French approach to beauty and I firmly believe that investing in your skin is more important than any investment you could make in makeup. I wash my face with Bioderma in the evening and spray on tons of rosewater. I love rich serums and a cycle through a bunch of different ones. My favorite right now is a hyaluronic acid serum from The Ordinary. I love to pick up new beauty products when I travel and right now I'm using a moisturizer that I got in Italy. My morning routine is very similar except I just wash my face with a warm washcloth. After, I grab my go-to products: lipstick and an eyelash curler. If I need a flush of color I may apply a bit of lipstick to my cheeks. My absolute favorite lipstick brand is Kosas.

Bonjour Ashe! Meet the newest member to the Av family.

Where in Portland will you most likely be spotted?

Portland has so many wonderful places! I love going to Spella Caffe for a cappuccino - It's like walking into an Italian caffe and, it's super adorable. My go to for dinner is Burrasca which serves authentic Florentine food. And of course, I love Pinolo Gelato. I also adore the amazing Farmer's Markets! Portland has so many.

Bonjour Ashe! Meet the newest member to the AV family!

You never leave home without...

Lipstick and a book.

What's your signature style piece?

A basket bag and a *baguette.

- - - 

*Ashe and I have a mutual friend, Amy, and before I even met Ashe, Amy would tell me about how she had this one friend who always carries around a baguette and I remember telling Amy, "OMG, WHO is this baguette girl?! I want to meet her!" Isn't the world a wonderful small place?

Ashe's AV Shop Pick:

Vintage Inspired French Girl Dress

"The Sofia Dress is very French Girl! Messy hair and flats sitting at a cafe having a coffee with red lipstick. It's still an AV girl dress, but instead of a meadow, she's in Paris."

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  • Amy On

    so glad Ashe is a part of your team! you two are a match made in heaven!

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