J'adore: Recent Instagram Favorites

I noticed that a lot of my recent favorites on Instagram all share a common theme... soft and muted blue! There are two particular shades of blue I really adore... soft faded blues like chambray or a French blue and then deep indigo and navy blues. For the most part, it's always cooler tones of blue. I've never been particularly fond of overly saturated colors or warm hues, which I'm sure is quite apparent if you've taken the time to look around Adored Vintage, haha! 

Parte Une

I have such an affinity for delicately growing trees and flowers. I loved how the tree in this image with it's new foliage and little white Spring blooms has gracefully curved itself around the awning. There is such a happy harmony of shapes and lines in this photo that I was immediately drawn to. Of course many of the things I seek out for inspiration on Instagram relate to fashion. I love the simplicity of a white scoop neck tee with an a-line midi skirt. I've posted a similar outfit in the shop if you want to channel this timeless outfit inspiration!

J'adore: Our Weekly Instagram Favorites

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Classic and feminine outfit inspired by vintage

Get The Look
Top: Toi et Moi Top, $32
Skirt: Sunny Disposition Skirt, $58
Earrings: Gallerist Earrings, $28
Handbag: Ciao Amica Tote - Light, $48

Parte Deux

I was particularly drawn to this deep blue French toile bedding. It made me immediately think, "Hmm, I need to find some toile printed sheets for our bedroom!" Not sure if my hubby would be into that idea, but well... the heart wants what it wants! The bottom right photo is just so classic. Who are these people? The photo is from a photographer living in Paris who photographs every day people living their lives. They're not models, it's not staged. You really should follow his account. It's not trying to be anything, I love that.

credits (from top left): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Classic and feminine outfit inspired by vintage

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Top: Begin Softly Camisole, $95
Jeans: Solene Jeans, $78
Scarf: Time of Violets Scarf, $68
Necklace: Nereids Necklace, $36

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