January Garden Inspiration

Bonjour mes amies! Over Winter break I watched several videos on Youtube for garden inspiration and garden knowledge as I'm really quite over this awful doom and gloom rain all day weather and spending so much time daydreaming of when I can be in my garden again. Well, it's not quite a garden just yet, more like a backyard with a couple raised beds and some plants I plopped into the Earth last Spring. Anyhow, no matter, we must all begin from somewhere AND I am thoroughly aware that to become a GARDENER means a lifelong journey of learning and trial and error. 

I digress, let's dive into these wonderful garden inspirations because I am so giddy to talk about plans I have for my garden! I am hoping to start documenting it all here in the journal.

(image credits: left is a screencap from Linda's video / right is from Linda's instagram)

The two videos I watched that really got me inspired to do this blog post are Linda Vater's "Allium Border in the Potager" and 12 Vertical Gardening Ideas using Flowering Vines and Climbers by Roseannes Garden. The first video featuring Linda Vater immediately inspired me to go buy allium bulbs, I planted about 30 bulbs along the back of a new bed I cleaned up in early November. I absolutely love Linda's garden and especially love that she incorporates containers IN her garden beds. I just find the look so whimsical. I am also very much in love with her potager. In Roseanne's garden I was introduced to so many new structures for climbing vines! Her video features some really beautiful ones and I immediately started googling where to purchase the structures she has featured in her video along with seeds for the different annual vines and climbers she grows.

(image credits: screencap from Roseanne's video / garden photo from pinterest  / Obelisk Tuteur & Willow Pyramid Trellis)

The garden structures pictured above are two I am considering of getting for my own garden, though I'm not quite sure yet what I would grow on them. Does one purchase the structure first or the plants then the structure? The thing I adore about these garden structures is they look like small pieces of art themselves so even without anything growing on them, I think they look quite pretty. 

I know for my own garden I would like a cottage look but with a little bit of structure. I love trailing, climbing, and vine plants because they don't have a lot of structure, they're twirly whirly and I adore that. To give the garden structure having trellises and tuteurs will help. Also, our house has a lot of boxy angular shapes, so having soft flowing plants and "round" plants will help soften everything. 

(image credits: top  / teepee trellis / bottom / birdcage trellis)

 I love the look of terracotta pots with white or blue flowers in them all clustered together. I always find gardens that have very pared down color palettes so joyful to look at. I think using containers will give my garden a more French look, give it that sense of formality, but I know my garden will lean heavily on more of a rustic cottage garden look as if it was found in the Shire. Well, one can dream anyway. 


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