Meet The Team: Enchanté Astrid!

It's been quite some time since we've done a team introduction here at Adored Vintage HQ! So much has happened in the past 6 months, so many shifts and changes in the world and in business that we haven't had much time here at AV to get our bearings in our new normal and we all finally feel like we have a pretty good flow again and things are right on track.

And so without further ado, let's meet the kind and sweet Astrid (and her pug pup "Cherub" who is slowly learning the ropes of what it takes to be a top notch fashion assistant!)  

Enchante Astrid: Meet the Team Adored Vintage

1. If you could have 24 hours to spend with any person, dead or alive, who would you spend the day with and what are you doing?

I would spend my 24 hours with the lovely and passionate writer Virginia Woolf. After my mother's recent passing, I was going through her things and I found a bunch of essays that she had written on her books, as well as a collection of pretty much every book she had ever written! My mother went to school for literature and her passion was to be an editor, so when I found these essays it made me think that I could get to know my mom a little bit better by reading Virginia's books. So what better way to spend a day then with a talented writer than could give me insight into something that my mother loved so much. 

Enchante Astrid: Meet the Team Adored Vintage

Enchante Astrid: Meet the Team Adored Vintage

Enchante Astrid: Meet the Team Adored Vintage

Enchante Astrid: Meet the Team Adored Vintage

2. How would you describe your personal style?

Lets see, I love feminine silhouettes. I have a curvier figure, so I gravitate towards things that are tight on my waist and that flare out. I would say I am a mix of the delight and feminine 1910's with a mix of funky and colorful 70's. My ideal outfit would be a romantic white Edwardian inspired blouse, paired with high waist wide leg flare jeans and a touch of lipstick. My personal style is definitely a mix of a 1910's and 1970's baby! 

3. What does self care mean to you? How do you practice self care daily?

To be honest, self care as always been something that I have struggled with. For me, self care can be as simple as just not having anything on my to-do list. Working two jobs, having a new puppy and making time for other life things, it is difficult to squeeze in self care sometimes. I try to take time in the morning to wake up early enough to make myself a mini latte, breakfast and not rush getting to work. At night, I always make sure I have a few hours to hangout with my husband and just relax, because relaxing and doing nothing, is the best self care for me! 

4. Which pieces in the shop are your favorites?

The Courting the French Dress is a dress that will forever haunt me! This is a piece that I remember seeing in the shop before I worked here at Adored Vintage and I almost bought it but didn't for some reason and I wish I had! It's the piece that got away. Besides that, I love a lot of the new floral dresses we are getting in. I also love the French Hamlet Dress (such a classic silhouette) and the Innsbruck Camisole. Gotta love a classic white camisole. 

5. What brings you joy in your home?

Oh my plants! Ever since quarantine I have propagated and replanted so many of my plants. I love seeing their growth and new leaves pop up and being like, oh yes I did that. I also love my bookshelf, it was a bookshelf that my dad built for my mom while she was pregnant with me. Now that I have it, it will live on to when I have children and I will further pass it down. Besides that, I love being cozy and comfortable so I try and make my home comfortable and as welcoming as possible.

Enchante Astrid: Meet the Team Adored Vintage

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