Meet the Team: Enchanté Devon!

Devon joined the Adored Vintage family recently and I would like to introduce you to her! This ginger haired Irish dancing gal takes care of all our email correspondences and also prettily packages up all your orders with care and attention. 

You might also be familiar with Devon because she has appeared in a few photo projects for Adored Vintage, the first being from a couple years ago when a few other creative women in Portland and I collaborated on a romantic and feminine Autumnal photoshoot. (Here is a pic from that below!)

Meet Devon, the newest Adored Vintage team member!

So let's get to know Devon a bit better, shall we? I asked Devon a few questions, which she has told me were quite thought provoking and proved to be a bit of a challenge... (gives self small pats on shoulder)

1. If you were to remake and star in any film of your choice, which film would it be and who would you be in the film?

To be concise and not spiral off into the chaos that is my mental compartmentalization of all the films I adore......I will pick just the one: Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge. Not that I could do it any better than the original sparkling diamond herself (Nicole Kidman), but I would love to play the role of Satine because it ticks ALL the boxes. A film that is equal parts musical/comedy/drama, quick-paced and detail oriented, lavishly designed with opulence and spectacle at the forefront, period *and* with gorgeous Old Hollywood renditions of contemporary classics? Yes please.  


2. Describe your ideal gathering of friends and loved ones.

I have and probably always will say this, to my nearest and dearest: "Friends, loved ones-- should I ever marry or should any of you deem it a worthy idea to entertain me with the gift of a massive surprise party, please...PLEASE just use Bilbo Baggins' eleventy first birthday party as reference for inspiration. Collect everyone and anyone with a good spirit and hankering for tasty treats underneath the stars on an expanse of soft grass and wildflowers. Let there be live music and tables laden with earthen ware and steaming savories. Bedeck canvas pavilions with ribbons of silk and vinery and magically unending candles. All the guests--most of whom will be comprised of artists--will get the chance to hop up on stage and perform a piece of entertainment. At the end of the night, a giant cake is rolled out into the center of the activity and everyone attacks it at once. We fall asleep with full bellies and happy memories.


3. You have one suitcase and one week to go anywhere in the world. Where would you go and what would you pack?

The sunny, cheery coastal town of Dingle Bay, Ireland. I'd pack binoculars to look at the sheep roaming the hilly streets and the dolphins playing in the water. And my go to outfit of a dress, tights, and a thick knitted cardigan.

4. Which are your favorite pieces in the shop?

The Sessile Dress, the Frankie Dress, and the Audrey Top. You can tell I like classic, feminine silhouettes, non?


5. What do you never leave home without?

My homemade blend of rose and cedar oil in an easy traveling roll-on bottle and my favorite Besame lipstick, in Red Velvet.  


6. What's your signature style piece?

I rarely am seen without my Victorian inspired bronze hand brooch hidden somewhere on my person. A go-to classic style choice is to rock a clean face with a bright lip too, making any level of dress seem chic and intentional.

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