New Arrivals / A Sigh for September

Our little corner of the world has felt even more topsy turvy as of late, and that's putting it very mildly. I closed the shop for the weekend as fire evacuations neared closer to closer to Portland and the air quality index rose above hazardous levels. I say this without any irony, but it's been quite a year! In all honesty I feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually very tired. Perhaps I'll share more of my personal thoughts and feelings in a more thorough post, though perhaps not. Sometimes I ask myself if it's worth sharing all of these personal things in my shop journal. I'm always harboring between personal and professional life. Le sigh.

In the midst of me going into ultra planner "survival kit" mode the past few days, I took some time to put together this week's new shop arrivals and daydreaming of where I would wear these timeless and feminine outfits.

Le sigh. I imagine myself exploring little villas in Portugal (the brown floral dress would be most charming), having a coffee in a tucked away cafe in Rome (in a knit midi skirt and a light sweater), revisiting Paris and walking hand in hand with my love as we cross the Pont des Arts (wearing a blue floral midi dress, but of course).

You know, exactly just a year ago we were in Paris? I was so full of energy, hope, and happy anticipation preparing to start the new chapter of Adored Vintage as I attended my first fashion tradeshow in France and gathered inspiration and ideas for the shop walking through the streets of Paris. How very lucky am I? So often during that trip I felt like pinching myself. 

I am dreaming of where we will travel to next once all the travel bans have been lifted. I don't know when that will be. Perhaps a year from now? We are thinking of Scotland, Belgium, back to France perhaps or England, maybe Italy or Portugal. While we can't really go anywhere, it does help me to wear the clothes I would be wearing on our imagined vacations.

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October Mornings Cardigan / Romantic camel solid button down cardigan

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