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Blue and white is such a classic pairing, don’t you think? I’ve always especially loved it on vintage dishware and porcelain. If you’ve been following AV for awhile you’ll know I have a soft spot for vintage Victoria magazines (when Nancy Lindemeyer was the head editor) and the funny story of how I discovered this magazine was someone on Tumblr made fun of the magazine mostly the ridiculousness of several articles that paid homage to blue and white china and I remember thinking, “Ok, what is this magazine because they’re speaking my language!

It’s quite specific, but I think I would have loved to have been an assistant editor of some sort at Victoria magazine in the 1990s and obviously live in Meg Ryan’s apartment in You’ve Got Mail but also spend some of my time with my eccentric aunts (who also happen to be witches) in a Victorian lighthouse. Hehe! Do you still read magazines? What current magazines do you get inspiration from?

This week's shop update has so many beautiful timeless silhouettes in romantic and feminine ditsy floral prints. The combination of blue and white and red and white will never go out of style (in our humble opinion). We peppered in just a few reds and pinks in this shop update.

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