New Arrivals! Gentle Prairie

The Story

Inspired by the nostalgia of our favorite stories and characters from Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables, this week's new arrivals feature ditzy floral prints, soft ruffles, puff sleeves (how Anne would approve!) all in classic and timeless colors.

Gentle Prairie / Soft Florals, Blues, Knits, and Puff Sleeves / Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing

Outfit Inspiration

We love the countryside for its soft natural palette-- think drying wheat fields, rustling sage leaves and freshly cool blueberries that one must sniff out among woody bramble. 

Here is a simple outfit for a day of simple pleasures out in the country. Take a stroll along a winding meadow path, hardened by the ages of foot traffic as you feel the wind pick up the hem of your romantic floral dress. Wrap yourself up to break the chill in a cozy flecked knit cardigan the color of your morning oats. To tie it all together, (because, let's be honest: you're a romantic girl at heart) carry around with you the memory of a loved one, or even a loved place, safely in the locket that dangles from your neck. 

Gentle Prairie / Soft Floral Prints, Knits, and Feminine Jewelry

 “I wanted to walk straight on through the red grass and over the edge of the world, which could not be very far away. The light and air about me told me that the world ended here: only the ground and sun and sky were left, and if one went a little farther there would only be sun and sky, and one would float off into them, like the tawny hawks which sailed over our heads making slow shadows on the grass.”

- Willa Cather, My Antonia


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