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The Adored Vintage girl is timeless and feminine and has a penchant for romantic details inspired by the past. After over a decade of selling only vintage and antique garments, I consider myself very well versed in color palettes, prints, details, and silhouettes of different eras and how to translate it for the modern girl in subtle and sometimes not to subtle ways. 

This week's new arrivals has borrowed notes from the Edwardian and Victorian era and little bits from the 1940s and the 1970s. All my favorite eras for vintage fashion actually!

Adored Vintage / The Shop For Modern Romantics

I’ve been meaning to do a video on how to style outfits for “a hint of vintage” to “full on vintage”, but alas I have not made the time! Did you know that I went through a 1940s phase where I pin-curled my hair everyday? It was short lived, I had way too much hair haha! I often get asked how I learned everything I know about vintage and fashion (and I am constantly learning, forever a student in my field), but collecting vintage fashion catalogs, magazines, and sewing patterns really helped! I still have a vast library of resources and every once in awhile I dust them off and brush up on what I know.

Adored Vintage / The Shop For Modern Romantics


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