Walled Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Era

 As the turn of the century loomed near, the arts and crafts movement blossomed under the artistic eyes of the Belle Epoque, the era known for its immaculate design. Inspired by nature and femininity, much of the textiles, art, and furniture of the arts and crafts movement reflected nature's twists and bends, curving lines, and floral motifs. We are endlessly inspired by this era, its color palettes, and reminders to celebrate nature always. As we ring in the new year, we are thinking of new ways to spruce up our home. If you can't have a garden outdoors, why not bring it in? Decorate the walls with floral arrangements, whether they are fresh or painted. Pourquoi pas?

Walled Gardens / Antique Wallpaper

Take a gander at these antiquated and gorgeous wallpapered interiors. Something about wallpaper feels so cozy yet fresh, busy with details yet organized. We adore these samplings of antique wallpaper from the 19th century that feature botanical prints and in muted palettes. 

Walled Gardens / Inspiring Wallpaper from the Arts and Crafts Era

The Artistic Eye of William Morris 

Walled Gardens / Wallpaper + Design Inspiration

Of the many textile designers out there, William Morris holds a special place in the hearts of those who have an affinity for Art Nouveau and for wallpaper. Born in 1834 in Essex, England, William Morris was raised to become a gentleman, having received proper education throughout his youth and then continuing to study at Oxford University. Inspired by medievalism (a bit of trend during the Victorian age), he naturally found himself among contemporaries such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the pre-raphaelite brotherhood, as well as other artists like architect Phillip Webb with whom he built a lasting work-friendship. Morris had a distinct eye for illustrious patterns, both in nature and in the home. He designed textiles, furniture, and most notably wallpaper. You can still purchase his designs at Morris & Co.

Walled Gardens / Wallpaper + Design Inspiration

Married to a Muse

Fun Fact: During his college years, William married a certain young and intelligent woman named Jane Burden. Recognize her face? She appeared in many pre-raphaelite paintings, frequenting Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works especially. We adore her strong features, her bold gaze, and her balance of the feminine and masculine that lives in us all. 

Walled Gardens / Wallpaper + Design Inspiration

Are You A Lover of Flowers?

We are too...in case that was any sort of mystery! That's why we make sure to have a few floral dresses, tops, and skirts in the shop at all times. Take a look!

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