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I have always been drawn to feminine silhouettes and romantic details in clothing all due to my past as a vintage clothing dealer (hence the shop's moniker, Adored Vintage). Every week I spend countless hours reviewing fashion and brand linesheets in search of timeless, feminine, and romantic clothing for my shop.

But what makes our garments timeless? What makes them feminine? What makes our garments romantic? For me, a timeless piece of clothing means you could wear it now and in a few years the garment can still be worn and won’t date you. I find there is a direct correlation between simplicity and timelessness. 

Shop timeless, feminine, and romantic clothing inspired by vintage

Certain silhouettes are timeless. An a-line skirt, a midi dress, a ditsy print, a stripe, gingham, swiss dots... these are all motifs we carry again and again here at Adored Vintage. 

When it comes to colors neutrals are forever tried and true. Though you do want to be wary with the shades and hues of the neutrals depending on your skin tone, hair color, and eyes. Not all beiges are made equal! 

A good rule of thumb I have as the lead buyer for Adored Vintage is to never have more than three features in a garment and if one feature feels too trendy, then stick to just one other feature in the garment. 

You will find many of the garments at Adored Vintage are never overly fussy or overly girly (I actually dislike girly things, there is delicate line between girly and feminine). 

When buying for Adored Vintage, I always ask myself "Can this be worn a year from now without dating someone?" The Adored Vintage girl doesn't follow trends, though she's not afraid to try something new that may strike her fancy. She follows her heart and intuition when it comes to dressing and has a keen sense of who she is and who she wants to be and how she wants to show up in the world. 

Her garments don't make a statement for her. She makes a statement all on her own. Kind, humble, genuine, timeless and feminine all the while wearing her heart on her puffed sleeves. 


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Through our stories, imagery, and products we offer, our hope at Adored Vintage is to inspire you live life a bit slower, to celebrate the everyday ordinaries, and to live the life you have always imagined. If our posts resonated with you or you found them inspiring or useful, won't you leave us a comment below? We love knowing you and want to foster connection.

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