New Arrivals / The Sun Will Rise

The Sun Will Rise

Will you be there to meet it? With the long days of Summer, we won't blame you if you wake up after the Sun has already been out for a bit. But what if, on one chance day, you woke before the stars bid their adieu and made way for first light? If you crept out of bed, snuggled up in a soft cotton coat and lit candles for your home to warm and sigh before there was even a peep from the rustling leaves or slumbering neighbors? It might feel like Summer is made for chores, but remember to take the reward of a quiet morning now and then to reflect in solace. This collection is for the gal that works from sun rise to setting during the last long days of Summer. Neutral, classic pieces that layer easily to adapt between circumstances. Timelessly feminine cropped tops and blouses that tuck into high waist skirts or trousers. Playful jumpsuits and overalls perfect for kicking your feet up after a day's worth of house work and errand running. And when all is said and done, shimmy into the loveliest and romantic floral print dress so that you may feel as lovely and you look when you tie the day together with a homemade dinner and favored company.

The Inspiration 

Women who work, places to be. Running from morning meetings to lunch dates to family gatherings at the park in the evening can be romantic if you make the most with the details at hand. Adopting a spring of lavender in your hair, a dabbing of your favorite perfume at the neck, and adorning yourself with timelessly feminine clothing pieces that make you feel like you're meant to be there, wherever it is that you are. New Arrivals / Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing

The Collection - Timeless, Feminine, Neutral and Classic

New Arrivals / Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing

Endless Pairings From A Classic, Capsule Wardrobe

New Arrivals / Timelessly Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Neutrals and Classics Outfits

 Left: Sanderling Top + Railcar Darling Overalls Center: Minuit Top + Porter Skirt Right: Minuit Top + True North Necklace

New Arrivals / Timelessly Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Neutrals and Classics Outfits

Left: Wind In Bower Top + Heath and Moor Skirt, Center: Chimney Tales Overalls + Camella Top Left: De Travail Coat 


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