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I'm wondering if I should share a little dream of mine about my shop, Adored Vintage. 

It's a bit lofty, but I dream Adored Vintage will become the go-to online shop for pretty and feminine clothing. I was chatting with my friend Saria about my shop and my brand and she noted that Adored Vintage IS very pretty and very feminine, but also REFINED. It's not cutesy. It's not girlie. There is an elegance to it.

Which made me SO HAPPY to hear because I think Saria has a really good eye for things and has good taste. Ahh, Adored Vintage, friend approved!

As my assistant, Redford, told you gals yesterday, I am working on a spanking new website design. Honestly, it's not THAT much different than this current one, but I am getting a BRAND NEW logo and some branding elements which I am so excited about! I think the new logo and branding is a more refined version of the logos I've haphazardly slapped together the past several years. 

It's vintage inspired, feminine, and a bit modern. And yes, it features flowers. Adored Vintage would not be Adored Vintage if flowers were not involved! 

Adored Vintage / Pretty & Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing Store

With the new site launch I will also be unveiling LOTS of new vintage inspired clothing. These photos are a preview of the things I received at the studio this week and there are a few more dresses and separates coming. Though, doing orders like a boutique does for modern styles has been a bit of a learning curve for me.

With selling vintage clothing I can just go source clothing at a drop of a hat (I mean if I'm lucky and the vintage gods are with me) and list new arrivals LIKE THAT. *snap*

Pretty and Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing Store

With the modern styles sometimes I have to wait WEEKS even MONTHS to receive things. And truthfully, I forgot about a few things I've ordered. So sometimes when I get parcels delivered it's like Christmas. 

I am learning a lot as I go though. Sometimes I wish I had someone to show me the ropes better, but I also learn better when I make the mistakes myself. Like when I choose a style that's a DUD. *insert sad face* 

Ok, I want to get back to my DREAM. I'm a little embarrassed admitting it, I don't know why. I mean, it's not even something to be ashamed about. Some people dream of being millionaires. 

I dream about owning a shop that is filled with such beautiful, pretty, and feminine clothing that if you are anything like me, your heart would kind of burst seeing it all.

This is how I felt when I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It was all just TOO beautiful. 

That's kinda what I want you guys! I want Adored Vintage to be a shop where all the vintage inspired clothes are (almost) TOO beautiful but HURRAH, HURRAH you CAN afford everything.

I remember certain years at Anthropologie (my favorite years 2008-2011ish) where everything would just take my breath away but I would always only shop things on sale because it was all I could afford. 

I don't want that. I don't want the pretty clothes I sell to feel unattainable or you have to spend half a paycheck on one dress. I remember nearly dying over a cotton eyelet sundress at Anthropologie and the price tag was $428. At the time I was a dance teacher for little kids and that amount of money was what I made in a week. 

Anyhow, I thought I'd share my little dream with you. To become the go to shop for all your beautiful pretty clothes without breaking your bank account *hehe*.

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  • Carolyn Fauteux On

    I love your dream. And I agree with your friend that you seem to have pretty much attained it! Your online presence is awe inspiring and the items you carry seem to be so thoughtfully selected. I’ve followed along for a few years now, and you have always stuck to your own authentic whimsy. Your photos are always gorgeous – can’t wait to see the new logo!

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