New Arrivals / Romance of a City in Autumn

Oh, the many splendid shades of fall...

How we adore this season!

Though we're country girls at heart, there is something magical about a city in the autumn. The normal hustle and bustle calms down as gears change to reflect the evolving colors of the trees that line the sidewalks.

The AV gal can spot romance anywhere, and the rain-slick streets made for constant traffic and pedestrian crossings are no exception. The AV gal seeks out the nearest bakery, steaming from the warmth inside as it combats the cold outdoors. She pops in for a quick pickup of fresh bread meant for dinner this evening, though she lingers for that perfectly brewed cup of coffee that she can't resist. She watches the drizzle outside, imagining the delight in her sister's eyes if she surprised her with cheery flowers, just out of the blue. 

Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Floral Dresses for Autumn

She only has an hour between commitments to get from A to B, though there's time enough to stop and notice the charming way dew drops have collected on her hair from the brisk walk home. It reminds her of the long road trips she would take with her family years ago, when the only natural thing to do was to watch rain drops dash across the window for hours, until they formed together like constellations (but that's beside the point). 

Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Floral Dresses for Autumn

She's the kind of gal that has only a handful of dresses in her closet, but fervently represents them year round by the simple art of layering to keep the chill off. 

New Arrivals

This week, our new arrivals were perhaps our most autumnal collection yet. Classic cardigans, cotton skirts, printed dresses and timeless tops for a seamlessly seasonal wardrobe. We love that each of these pieces can layer up to take year round. As much as we adored classic autumn colors like burnt pumpkin, ocher, taupe and black, we also love the less expected: blush, cream and even white.

Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Autumnal Shades in Classic Separates

Classic, Vintage Inspired Dresses

We love dresses that you can wear almost any time of year. Though these beauties flaunt the lovely ember shades of autumn, their silhouettes are timeless enough that they don't belong to just October. When the weather picks up, wear any of these under a cardigan, add some boots, and you're ready for the apple orchard. 
Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Autumnal Dresses in Classic Separates


Pretty Pairings - Outfit Ideas for Autumn

Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Adored Vintage / Classic Outfits

(above) Bailey wears the Midnight Verona Top, the Olivier Skirt, and the De Travail Coat.

(below) We also love the Gabrielle Top with the Balancing Act Skirt 

Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Outfit Inspiration for Autumn

The Ladies of the Atelier

Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Outfit Ideas for Autumn

Left: The De Travail Chore Coat, Midnight Verona Top, Olivier Skirt Center: The Flora Nocturna Dress and La Marche Net Bag Right: The Pembrook Blouse, Practical Education Skirt layered under the Sulleby Cardigan (coming soon!).

Feminine Vintage Inspired Clothing / Outfit Ideas for Autumn



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