Shop News: 3 Changes Around the Shop

It's officially week two of the modern vintage inspired styles making a regular appearance in the shop! There are still quite a lot of learning curves for me navigating from just being an online vintage boutique for women to being an online specialty women's clothing boutique. I know, it doesn't seem like a big difference, at least as far as words go... but it's a different ball game for sure!

Anyhow, I don't want to get too much into that because I want to share some recent shop updates and all that jazz!

1. You can now get restock alerts automatically!

After launch day I was answering so many emails and Instagram DMs about restock requests. So I installed an app to the shop so now you can sign up to be instantly emailed when something is restocked in your size! 

2. New shop arrivals will release every Thursday! 

Well, I'll try to get them all out by Thursday anyway! Running my shop keeps me super busy, so sometimes the shop update might happen on Friday. 

3. I changed the Adored Vintage style descriptive words from "Feminine & Romantic" to "Feminine & Timeless" 

I initially did this because of my style inspiration boards on Pinterest. I had one for "Feminine Style Inspiration" and "Romantic Style Inspiration" and quite honestly they looked almost exactly the same. So I put them all in one board! Then I thought, well the vintage inspired clothing I offer in the shop are not as romantic as the vintage, it's more classic. But I didn't want to say "Adored Vintage: feminine & classy"... so luckily at the time I was mulling this over I was listening to Pardon My French podcast with Garance Dore and the guest was Norma Kamali and she talked about how much she loved wearing vintage and how she tries to design pieces that are timeless. And it was like a big "DUH!" moment for me. Because after all... Vintage itself is TIMELESS and the vintage inspired clothing I want to sell I want to be pieces you wear again and again and can turn to in 3, 5, 10 years down the road. 

So there you have it... Adored Vintage Modern: Feminine & Timeless, styles inspired by the past.


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