Vintage Inspired Jewelry: Inspired By Nature

It is no secret how much inspiration I draw from the natural world. Botanical prints, dried flowers, rolling hills, flower filled meadows... so I am really quite excited to start selling jewelry that evoke all the things I adore about Nature.

You may have noticed the AV jewelry department just got a small shop update of delicate and pretty vintage inspired jewelry.

I'm not quite sure what "vintage inspired jewelry" really means since you can find examples of just about every type of jewelry from thousands and thousands of years ago. I think it is not a term that is used very often, so perhaps I'll just start coining the term and get a head start? Hmm...

For the most part I think when people think of vintage inspired jewelry, they think of big chunky statement necklaces reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. I think dating vintage jewelry is even harder than dating vintage clothing to be honest. It's just not my forte and there are so many other shop owners that do it so much better than me.

These two pieces I just added to the shop have clear inspiration from Nature. This golden cuff bracelet looks like intertwined twigs and the delicate chain necklace features a small cluster of leaves.

Adored Vintage Filigree

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