Vintage Shop Update / A Summer Vine

I've been a bit quiet on vintage shop updates the past couple of weeks because we had a mini family reunion in San Francisco (I squeezed in some vintage buying for you gals, don't worry!) and then my Dad, Mister AV (my husband), and I drove up to Portland. Then my Dad stayed with us for about a week and we did all the great tourist-y and not so tourist-y things with dear old Pops. 

So this past Sunday, after about 2 weeks of not working, I was itching to get back into Adored Vintage HQ and get to work!

And boy, I have been B-U-S-Y! This week's shop update is decidedly 1970s in theme and as always features floral prints and muted colors. Hey, I know what I like and apparently you gals like the same things too as both of these vintage floral dresses got snapped up almost instantly!

If you missed out, don't worry, I have lots more coming and I am always, always on the hunt for more pretty vintage dresses for you!

OH...and one last thing, some new vintage inspired dresses are arriving in the shop later this follow me on the GRAMS (@adoredvintage is my moniker) to get sneak peeks and all that good stuff. 



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