A Typical Adored Vintage Work Day

Hate to burst the bubble, but a typical work day at Adored Vintage doesn't take place in a dreamy field in England. Le sigh, if only!

As a small business owner and wearer of all hats (preferably the straw ones) for my shop, I do a lot of little things to keep myself motivated to work. I love my job! So often I can't believe this is what I GET to do. But there are a lot of boring bits too and I'm sure if you keep up with my shopkeeper journal, you'll know I've gotten burned out by things, I've gone through bouts of doubt, questioning whether I should be doing something else or not...

I digress. One of the ways I keep myself motivated is to surround myself with other women who are creative, entrepreneurial, and also own their own business. While we're all at different phases of achieving our dream (and truly it is an on going journey) it is so wonderful to find business kinship with others who are walking a similar path to you.

One of the groups I am a part of is focusing on Business Workflows and Automation for the next 6 weeks, and I thought, why not share some of this process with you. As a business owner I am often working on the BUSINESS, but once in awhile it's important for me to work on MYSELF and my PROCESSES and SYSTEMS because things need to be tweaked and refined every once in awhile. 

I am answering the questions we were asked in the group on this blog. So here it goes! 

Q: When does your day start?

A: My day typically begins at 6 AM. I like to take a leisurely breakfast and coffee, go for a walk, and be ready for work between 9-10 A.M.

Q: Do you take breaks?

A: Not that often. Unless I specifically planned on taking a break BEFORE work, I mostly just work straight through the day.

Q: What do you have for lunch?

A: Normally I drive to the grocery store and get a hot lunch or when I'm feeling naughty and it's near the lady time, I get McDonalds. I know, awful.

Q: When does your day end?

A: Typically at 6:30-7:00 P.M. so I can avoid the traffic. In the winter time, my days are shorter since the days are shorter. I don't like working at night.

Q: Do you spend time alone or with company?

A: Alone. I prefer it.

Q: What tasks are you working on specifically?

A: At the moment trying to nail down a shop updates and fulfillment schedule while also creating and promoting content across all the different social media platforms. I'm sort of getting to a system I like.

Q: What tasks do you NOT have to worry about?

A: Oh goodness, I don't know. I do everything for my business, so I kind have my hands, toes, hair, everything.

Q: Where do you work?

A: I work inside a beautiful 1920s warehouse with exposed brick with arched 10 ft windows right under my favorite bridge in Portland, the St. Johns Bridge.

Q: What movie or music are you playing in the background?

A: Normally the musical score to The Lord of the Rings or the Adored Vintage playlist I made on Shopify. If I am watching anything it's usually The Real Housewives. I don't want to play anything I actually WANT to pay attention to. I used to play Poirot (and other period dramas and series)  but then I would find I'd stop working to watch the show. The Housewives is just white noise chitter chatter.

Q: What was the highlight of your day?

A: Well, it's only just past noon, so nothing terribly exciting has happened yet. Not that my days need to be filled with excitement...quite the opposite. I really enjoyed this morning's walk (at 6 AM!) and seeing the city wake up and all the flowers in the neighborhood. I also was super happy a lot of the new vintage inspired items I ordered a few weeks ago arrived while I was in England, so it felt like Christmas opening all the parcels!

- - -

All right, so there are my answers to the questions from the Ladies business group I am a part of here in Portland. You can sort of get an idea of a typical work day for me. 





  • Didi On

    Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about how other business owners go about their day! I should look to see if there is a ladies business group here. That sounds wonderful! I am always looking for tips to improve the way I do things in my business too so I am loving the idea of future posts on the subject!

    :) Didi
    Halcyon Vintage

  • Amy Olson On

    I loved reading this! I can visualize you doing all these things during your day. it’s motivating to know how much you get done and that you prioritize walking in nature/outside first thing.

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