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I'm really taking a liking to this journaling thing. On a personal level, without the pressure of writing a blog post for getting likes and such. It's become a way for me to write again, express, contemplate, decompress...who knows. It's feeding my soul a bit. And that's a good thing.

Here is a photo my husband snapped of me in the little apartment we stayed in while in Paris, in Montmartre. Yes, where Amelie Poulain lived. Cue Yann Tiersen.

 I joined a French language meetup group here in Portland. I have a couple friends who are native French speakers but they much prefer to converse with me in English because it is easier for them (and for me). 

I took one course of French in college (before I dropped out and moved to Budapest) and other than that I've been teaching myself French through apps (Duolingo) podcasts (Coffee Break French) and random books I've found at antique shops and estate sales. I have learned the lyrics to a couple French songs, although I don't always remember what they mean. 

Ah Qu'il Fait Bon! Qu'il Fait Bon! Qu'il Fait Bon! Comme deux vagabonds, vagabonds, vagabonds. De pouvoir s'en aller, flaner sous en beau ciel d'ete! 

Learning French songs is a great way to increase one's vocabulary, I think!

Because it's Spring time, I am also going through my annual bout of "I hate everything in my house!" OK, not quite that far, but I just get this feeling of restlessness. 

Why are the French so effortlessly chic? Their clothes, their apartments? I got this book "Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl" and I loved the chapter on the French woman's apartment, "La Maison" 

Essentially there are four basic French styles (according to this book) but it does also note that the French style isn't just one thing... it's "many things, textured, layered, and idiosyncratic"

But basically it's these FOUR styles: 

Classic - think Louis, Rococo, a bit aristocratic

Chic - sparse, ultra modern, simple contrast, discerning

Bohemian - mismatched, handmade, vintage, treasures from around the world

Provencial - folksy note, natural materials, baskets

Guess which one I am! If you guessed Provencial, DING DING DING! Although, I mix in a bit of the other style statements too. But mostly Provencial. 

I am on my way to being very French, n'est pas?

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    Tres bonne!

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