Hey Mojo, is that you?

Ok, you guys! Turns out releasing the feelings I've had inside in yesterday's blog post DID make me feel better. And also a FULL day of rest with intermittent stretching has done wonders for my back. Also, copious amounts of laying around with a heating pad while rewatching old episodes of Friends... 

Actually, I wasn't super unproductive yesterday. I DID take it very easy and had a very SLOW day because frankly, I couldn't move around very quickly. But, I did accomplish several things involving REAL life. (Taxes, groceries, car washed...etc)

Anyhow, this morning I feel a bit more renewed. Maybe because the weather report says it's going to be sunny and in the high 60s low 70s in the next week. Even the air this morning smelled different. 

Ahhh...what's that that you, mojo? 

You know, the PLUS side of owning your own business and being the person who runs the whole show is that YOU get to decide when to change things and HOW you want to change them WHENEVER you want. And if it is successful ALL PROPS go to you. If it fails...well just blame it on the weather. Haha.

 Last night (and this morning) I was just going down a rabbit hole on Pinterest, as one does, and I came across some pins that reminded me of some Korean and Japanese fashion magazines I use to obsess over like 10 years ago. And I realized, "Wow, the way they present this stuff really hasn't changed". Then I came across a bunch of OLD, like OLD Anthropologie stuff (omg isn't Pinterest GREAT?!) and I reminisced a bit about what Anthropologie USED to look like. 

When people tell me my shop reminds them of Anthropologie I always take it as a HUGE compliment. But then I want to be like "Anthropologie from 2008-2011, right?" because to me, those were my FAVORITE YEARS EVER. I saved EVERY single catalog and they are still a huge inspiration to me. 

Anthropologie currently... I don't know. I don't really get it. But that could be because I'm kind of stuck in time I guess. I'm not a trendy person. I like what I like and I pretty much always have. I like pretty and feminine clothes. I like soft colors. I like floral prints and delicate stripes. I like dresses that go past my knees. I like muted tones.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that part of the reason I want to focus on modern vintage inspired clothing is because I feel like there isn't a place online for women like me shop. I mean like a ONE STOP shop. I can find the kind of clothes I like from about ten different shops, but not a singular place where I'm like "OMG GET OUT OF MY WARDROBE BRAIN! I NEED EVERYTHING!!!"

Ok, maybe there are shops out there that's like my wardrobe brain and I just don't know about them. So far, I haven't found it. 

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