How AV Launch Day Went Down

One of the reasons I started selling vintage modern clothing in my shop is because Portland really lacks women's clothing stores that share my same love for feminine and romantic aesthetics. Shopping for me in the city of Portland means going to at least 5 different stores and usually not finding anything I like. There is nothing wrong with the shops in Portland (many of the gals that own these stores are my friends!) but I don't know of a shop where I can get the "Adored Vintage look." 

Then let's talk about online's sort of the same story. I would find one dress at this online shop then a skirt here, a top there, maybe two dresses here... but there wasn't just The One place. You know what I mean? Think about your favorite brunch place. You know, The One. The food is always great, the staff is friendly, the ambience is wonderful, prices are reasonable and fair, the wait is never ridiculous... and you go back over and over again because it's "your spot."

I want a shop like that, but for clothes. And it doesn't exist. Well, it didn't... because then I thought...

"Why don't I just be my own dream shop? Why not be the shop that I can happily spend all my money in because I feel like the boutique buyer has peeked into the inner depths of my fashion soul and she knows my fashion soul is OLD."

I have spent so many years scouring thrift shops, estate sales, flea markets, and antique malls for things I love and adore to sell in my shop and I realized the vintage dresses I keep are the ones that so often people would say "Oh, that's vintage?" My go-to dresses are always fairly simple vintage ones. Soft muted colors, a-line, midi length, nice fabrics, perhaps a floral print, perhaps stripes... just pretty and unfussy. 

So earlier this week, on Wednesday (at midnight, I stayed up past 2 to make final edits), I launched the new Adored Vintage and all 12 new arrivals were vintage inspired pieces. I was worried... by 5:30 AM I still didn't have a SINGLE sale. 

I had my phone by my bed and I remember looking at the ZERO sales notifications at 5:45 AM and thinking "Oh man, I really hope this wasn't a colossal waste of time..." then I quickly checked myself and said "You gotta have faith and just TRUST in Him lady!"

6:15. Still nothing. 

6:20, FIRST SALE. OMG, Thank you Jesus!

It's for a vintage piece. 

6:30. YES! Finally a modern piece sells! 

6:45. Another. 6:57. OMG, three pieces!

For the next few hours I was getting notifications every 20 mins of another sale, all from the vintage inspired collection. 

I had only gotten 5 hours of sleep. I was physically so tired, but my mind was whirring. By late afternoon the notifications slowed down and were coming every hour. 

My last sale on Launch Day was 11PM my time. And I took a screenshot of my sales at the end of the day. I told my husband it didn't seem real. I had never done that much in sales in ONE Day! Heck, not even in a week!

It was incredibly humbling you guys. Just, whoa...the response was incredible. I'm still kind of in disbelief about it and processing it all. 

I didn't write this post to humble brag. I guess it would be important to know how nervous I was about this shift to selling modern vintage inspired clothing. It's been something I've been talking about doing for so long and for some reason I always had a block in my mind about it, I just COULDN'T make the leap. 

So the emotions I felt when I didn't see a single sale by 6AM after launching at Midnight... I felt like SUCH a loser and that I failed in some small way. I know I can always sell vintage clothing...but this was something that had a bit more of my soul because I was finding new modern pieces and saying

"please be a part of my world, believe in the narrative I've created..."

Your response to the new modern vintage inspired styles has been so incredible and really, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. Thank YOU so much for believing in my shop and being a part of the Adored Vintage story...I am so very grateful for you!

I am SO EXCITED to share even more pretty dresses and clothes arriving in the shop very soon! (There will be regular weekly updates of vintage modern and vintage moving forward!) Hooray! Hurrah!

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