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I just want to do what you're doing...


Commented by Katherine

Thank you for your honesty. I am a shop owner in New York and I am going through all of this right now. It is good to know that I am not alone. Best of luck on your move to the studio. xx

January 19 2018
Commented by Olga

Thanks for hour honesty, Rodelle! I have always thought that running a shop (or a cafe/restaurant…) is so so hard and have infinite respect for those who do it! I am an extreme extravert and even I have to say – communication can be so exhausting! Even if al the conversations you have a lovely and friendly and meaningful. It just drains you. So I’m happy for you for making this decision. I seem to recognise some of my traits in your posts, so I’ll allow myself a guess – I can imagine it’s not easy to “give up” something for you since you seem to be quite a perfectionist and such a hard worker! But it’s so important to let go once it’s time!
Also, I have a question: what does “sister shop” mean? I’m confused since you’re writing about how you don’t want to run a brick and mortar and then you’re saying you’re opening another…

January 13 2018
Commented by Heidi

Thank you for this post! I’ve always wanted to own a shop. I currently have my own clothing line that I design and manufacture myself. The goal is to really pare down the line and open a store that carries other designers as well. I’ve always known that the vacations are nonexistent, they pay is marginal, and I’ll literally always be working. The thing is, I’m used to being broke (you have extra zeros in your bank account!?!), I’m already working constantly and selling on weekends. Bonus: I already own a good chunk of needed store fixtures.
Thanks for the honesty, it’s good to know I’m prepping myself for the right problems :)

January 04 2018
Commented by Daryn

This is so amazing- so insightful !! After running an online shop for years I have been considering opening a brick n mortar ( I actually spoke to agents today) and exactly what you said about your personality and time- I am not sure it is right for me. Do you have any insight for business space ( I currently have a large work room at home)? I might continue online and have a space that offers open studio hours etc. thank you for your post!

January 03 2018
Commented by Sonya Nikc

You’re awesome, truly needed to read this. So happy I came by it. Xx

January 03 2018
Commented by Rachael

This post was VERY much needed at this point in my life. I’m trying to decide what my next step will be, and I’m being decidedly shortsighted in how much work and time would be needed to run a shop full time…I’m thinking that YOLO may not be the best reason to go that route and will definitely be re-re-re-considering my options! Thanks :)

January 03 2018
Commented by Moriah

Oh my goodness, this couldn’t have come at a better time for me! Thank you for such honesty.

January 03 2018
Commented by Dana McDowell

I am a cottage florist with a full-time desk job. I fantasize about having my own spot downtown and a cooler and a place for wreath workshops and…I know there is no feasible way for me to achieve any of that right now. Instead I’m investing in a cutting garden for future years of beautiful blooms. Good luck to you in your new chapter ;) hopefully your passion remains ignited!!

January 03 2018

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