Making Friends With Flowers

Mondays (and Tuesdays) are my official days off work so it's when I really try to focus on living/doing life and not think about work too much... but I usually end up doing a bit of work anyway. 

After coffee and business chat with my friend Amy, I popped over to my shop just around the corner and moved around a few things. Then I ran errands and stopped at one of my favorite secret places for new vintage things for the house. 

In the afternoon I went and picked some grasses and snipped some things out of our crazy overgrown yard and decided to make another flower arrangement. 

Making friends with flowers / Madame Bas

I had a bit of a challenging time making an arrangement in this vintage pewter pitcher I bought today. Maybe because it was so short and round? I don't have any floral foam or other florist gadgets, I'm not a florist, but overall I think the finished arrangement looks rather lovely.

Every arrangement I have made I just want to befriend. I really like this silly happy feeling I get when I put together a flower arrangement. It's like we're having a conversation and getting to know one another and she's all...

"No, no, I'm not into THAT, but I'm super into THIS!" and I proceed to move around little bits of green and such and jovially ask "Ok, so tell me more about yourself..."

Making friends with flowers / Madame Bas

Making friends with flowers / Madame Bas

I talk to them. What a weirdo. 

I'm not so great at identifying flowers yet, but I am going to work on that! I actually have so many plant and flower books but never really found a need or desire to memorize any of it. Again, not a florist.

But who cares right? I don't need to be a florist to desire to know more about botany and names of flowers.

May I just add that arranging flowers for the simple joy of doing so really makes me happy? I can't imagine the pressure a florist must go through. I think I would hate it. The need to please and the desire for approval for my creative voice and work.

Hats off to you florists!

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