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As I write this I have no exact direction of where I want to go with this or even what topic to talk about. Honestly, I sat down to write this because I felt my Shopkeeper Journal is a bit empty and thought, "Surely, surely, I have something to share with the world! Some sort of wise bit of business nugget, some anecdote for living well, simple, and good."

Ahh, I got nothing.

June was an odd month. A good month. But an odd one. The stress of running two businesses/two shops. Relationship stuff. Friend stuff. My birthday. This has been the first birthday where I thought, oh jeez, I really ain't no Spring chicken no more! Going through some personal growth things too. In many ways I feel like June was a hardening and softening of my soul. 

I'm a Cancer, a mushy sensitive crab with a hard shell I try to keep the appearance of being non penetrable. But, things get to me, a lot actually. A lot more than I let on. 

Well, at least they used to more. As I've gotten older I've learned to let a lot of things go because they're just not worth the stress, the energy, my time. Precious, precious time.

The one thing we will never ever get more of, create more of.

I have learned that life is always going to be stressful. There's always going to be SOMETHING. It's how you react and how you go about it that makes the difference.

Now that I am sitting here thinking about all the things I feel like I could write a novella of June 2017. It was a big stew of just about every little thing. A lot of wonderful conversations have been had, new friendships created, a lot of laughter, some tears, definitely some screaming and yelling... 

Basically life happened in June. With all the wonder, the chaos, the joy, the sadness, the acceptance, the lessons (with more and more to learn, I ain't that old), the sunsets, the sunrises, and always the moon rising above the city visible from our front porch with a promise that there is always a tomorrow.

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