Rant / When Philanthropy Isn't Genuine

All right, let me just preface that all these opinions are entirely my own and they are just OPINIONS. You might not like them or agree with me. And hey, instead of throwing hatorade my way, why don't we have a conversation about it?

OK... my shopkeeper rant post! Arg!

p.s. This rant/vent may be due to the hazardous air conditions in Portland right now due to the Eagle Creek fires. i.e. I may not be in the right state of mind.


I have noticed a trend with some shops lately. Or maybe it's not a trend and I'm just now becoming privy to it. Doesn't really matter. Anyhow, while on research for my brick & mortar I went around to several shops in Portland to chat to other shopkeepers, or mostly the gals that were running the shop. 

At one shop I was delivered a well rehearsed line of "We're all about eco fashion, sustainability, and affordability... oh and we give 10% of our proceeds every month to a non-profit.

I wanted to ask Which Non-Profit... but I already knew that first line was BUNK because I knew most of the clothing in that shop was not manufactured by eco/sustainable brands. How do I know? I worked for one of them and we private labeled a CRAP ton of clothes for small boutiques to larger brands carried at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Whomp-whomp.

Another shop I went to had the whole we're a shop all about Philanthropy... omg is PHILANTROPY the IT word of 2017? Like CURATED was back in 2014? Or was that 2013?

This time I did ask which one and they didn't exactly know so they got a flyer and read it out to me. And it was a friend's... I sound really snarky here... but if your main schtick about your shop is philanthropy and giving back to your community, you should at least be really well versed on the organization you are supporting and their history.

OK...so Adored Vintage, my shop, does have a section on our Philantrophy...it's on our About Us page. But I don't really talk that much about it because I don't feel the need to make people feel like they have to buy something from me to help out an organization I've chosen to give my money to.

Last Christmas I, or rather my company, purchased 55 sets of bath towels for Refugee Kits. People at IKEA were giving me odd looks. Why does that girl need THAT MANY towels?! And personally my husband and I purchased school supplies for a classroom (the teacher is a friend of ours) through a website called DonorsChoose.org (it's AMAZING!) as our Holiday giving back. Again, I didn't feel the need to advertise any of that because I dunno, advertising it felt icky to me. Key word "advertising"...i.e. "marketing philanthropy to guilt people into making purchases."

Anyhow...this isn't a "Look at me and how philanthropic and good of a human being I am." In fact, I mostly shy away from that. This is just my rant post on how I'm noticing shops advertising this DO-GOODER WE CARE SO MUCH but it doesn't seem genuine at all. 


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