Still learning new things everyday as an entrepreneur...

I'm part of a couple small business groups in Portland and in one of them I get weekly assignments I have to turn in. I also recently started my own small business group that caters to introverts...haha, it's called Kindred Plum. It may not seem like it, but I am an introvert, big time. 

Anyhow, the point of this journal entry is for me to pen down my homework for the week and it's all about Time Blocking. Except here's the thing... I don't even know WHAT time blocking is! The concept of time blocking is new to me, so I did some digging around to get more clarity

I watched this Youtube video and this fella made it so clear for me! Here is the link: What Is Time Blocking

Here is the biggest takeaway I got from the video... 

"Time Blocking is being very intentional about WHEN during the DAY you are going to work on SPECIFIC tasks."

OK...first I'm like...Um that just sounds like a TO-DO List. BUT...then he clarifies on how it is DIFFERENT than a TO-DO list...because Time Blocking is more about doing specific types of tasks in a blocked out time in your day.

So right now I just make a daily To-Do list and I hope I get it all done. I spend as much time as I need to until I can move on to the next one.

Time Blocking is more like saying: "OK, from 10:00AM to 11:00 on Mondays I am going to check/answer emails." Where is before my to-do list just says "Answer Emails" and sometimes it would take me 15 mins and other times 1 hr. I'm GETTING IT NOW.

Next my HOMEWORK is to define 15 WEEKLY Tasks under 3 different categories: Entrepreneur, Manager, and Creative. The entrepreneur one I was like "What? I do this like EVERY SINGLE SECOND" so I needed more clarity on this too! Back to Google and Youtube...

Ok...took me awhile to dig some info, but the Entrepreneur Tasks are like "Big Picture" Business stuff. So I guess it's like... IF my BIG PICTURE dream for Adored Vintage was to have a thriving online shop that did 10K-20K a month, open a successful brick & mortar, and do small pop-ups around the country...WHAT tasks can I be doing every day during a blocked 1 or 2 hours to take one small step towards it.

I think that's what it means. I'll just run with that, and if I'm wrong, then I'll sort it out later. 

Diving into the thinking tasks for this week's homework... gonna take this to ink and paper. I think better that way.

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