Summer, You Tease

This year we've had quite the highs and lows, mostly lows of weather. It is amazing to me that it is mid June and I wore my winter coat out today. 

WHAT!? You guys, this is not acceptable! 

Of course once we are in the thick of summer (which lasts maybe a two weeks here at most) I will be groaning about how I won't be able to peel myself off the floor because it's TOO DANG HOT, but those hot summer days are but a faint and foggy memory. 

Instead it's been COLD.

This photo above is evidence we've had ONE warm enough day for a day at the beach. The beach in Portland isn't your typical beach. Here the beach is along a river and you walk through the woods and because it's rained so much, you wade through literally almost knee deep in water holding your stuff over your head so then you can plop yourself down on the sand and soak in that 78 degree sun. Oh yeah, babyyyy.

Oh, that beautiful summer day when I felt the warmth of the sun against my skin. Such a delightful feeling. And the hours seem long and still. And the sounds around you blur into a hazy bright white noise and every once in awhile you hear 90s alternative rock passing by alongside the rush rushing sounds of the river as the waves cascade towards shore. 

It's quite blissful. And it doesn't hurt that you have a view of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.

My friend and I had an impromptu beach day and we chatted about so many different things. I love days like these. When there's not really super specific plans and you can just let the day take you where it wants to take you.

That's the wonderful thing about summers. Everything slows down. For me, when it's warm and sunny I'm not as motivated to do work and do things. That's what the rain is for. To be inspired, to be productive, to be busy.

But when it's sunny...and when you live in Portland where we don't see the sun often...oh when that beautiful golden face doth show herself through the veil of grey clouds...we Portlanders practically worship her. 

We play hooky from work. We call in sick. We do everything outdoors. We see our neighbors on their patios and decks and say "Halllooo neighbor!! Isn't it a great day?!" 

It's actually really lovely to be in a city that is filled with people that have such an appreciation for this change of weather. The entire city gets so happy. Everyone is nicer. Everyone smiles, says hello. Women wear dresses and straw hats. 

Collectively we're all "HUZZAH, the sun is back! Let's all celebrate!

And my dears...according to the weather week (starting tomorrow!!!) we will have 9 days of consecutive, uninterrupted sunshine!

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