The Final Week

I have just a little over a week left on Clinton. Half of the store fixtures have already sold at our sister shop, Chapter Mercantile. Some of the store fixtures sold to the new tenant taking over our shop space here in SE Portland. I will be moving back into the old AV HQ with bare bones as far as furniture goes.

Moving back gives me some mixed feelings. Sometimes the energy of a space can really affect me and lately as I've imagined myself in the old AV office, I get waves of loneliness. 

Not exactly sure where it's coming from. Maybe because the studio is so large and it's in a part of the building that feels isolated from the other creative offices. At least that is how I am remembering it at the moment. Maybe it's because I am moving back with so few things than I had before. I believe objects hold energy and I wanted to let a lot of things go and start fresh. So there is this feeling of vacancy and emptiness.

Adored Vintage Office in Portland Oregon

Maybe it's because I'm moving back into the studio alone as I don't have any assistance at the moment (at one point I employed three people...)

Perhaps it's because I am moving in January and it's rainy and dreary.

Whatever it is, this feeling, I know will pass. I know as soon as I walk back into the studio with it's beautiful exposed bricks, old warehouse beams, and 14ft windows (please let it be sunny when I move!) that happy, happy feeling will return like the very first day I moved in.

Adored Vintage Office in Portland Oregon

I'm just in a bit of a fog right now and I know it's because I haven't been in a routine for a couple of weeks. I just feel like I'm sort of floating about getting so many things done, but not things I normally would do for my shop.

Very much looking forward to "normal"...

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  • Alexandra king On

    Thank you so much for these posts.
    I too opened a dress shop (after selling solely online) thinking it would be wonderful, give me more confidence etc, etc.
    Two years on I had a lot more dress orders, some wonderful (the ones that found me online) but mostly orders making outfits I wasn’t proud of because the customer wanted it. This was soul destroying and making me dread doing the job I love. I resented everyone :(
    Everything you said was true for me too. It cost a small fortune, I neglected my website and haven’t made the dresses I dreamt of. Dress lovers sadly don’t all live in a small town in the U.K.

    I’m keeping the shop for another year but locking the door becoming appointment only, treating it as my studio to make beautiful things. The customers who do visit, have a lovely experience.

    Sorry to ramble on, It was amazing to read your posts and feel like I wasn’t alone or stupid for hoping a shop would work. I can’t wait to see what inspiring things you do next, it will be amazing! x

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