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The Final Week


Commented by Alexandra king

Thank you so much for these posts.
I too opened a dress shop (after selling solely online) thinking it would be wonderful, give me more confidence etc, etc.
Two years on I had a lot more dress orders, some wonderful (the ones that found me online) but mostly orders making outfits I wasn’t proud of because the customer wanted it. This was soul destroying and making me dread doing the job I love. I resented everyone :(
Everything you said was true for me too. It cost a small fortune, I neglected my website and haven’t made the dresses I dreamt of. Dress lovers sadly don’t all live in a small town in the U.K.

I’m keeping the shop for another year but locking the door becoming appointment only, treating it as my studio to make beautiful things. The customers who do visit, have a lovely experience.

Sorry to ramble on, It was amazing to read your posts and feel like I wasn’t alone or stupid for hoping a shop would work. I can’t wait to see what inspiring things you do next, it will be amazing! x

January 23 2018

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