Things I Miss About Blogging

Everything is instant now. And fine tuned. And curated. And edited. I have a love hate relationship with it all and have for awhile. 

I miss blogging. When photos were kind of crappy and grainy and they weren't "Pinterest ready" because it didn't matter.

I miss blogging before the age of Instagram. Before the crazy must self promote, self promote, self promote. 

I miss blogging things I've found at antique shops or flea markets or estate sales. Now I feel like I have to package it all up and make it all presentable instead of just random snaps of my life and going "Here you go world, like me as I am!"

So, this new journal (I know, I've started so many) is my attempt at an unfiltered journal of my life. As you may know (and if you didn't, now you will) I have a personal Instagram account which I started earlier this year to separate myself a little more from my shop. 

My moniker is @madamebas (I was going to have it be MADEMOISELLE, but come on, I'm in my 30s and married, so the label no longer applies).

This journal will be an extension of my personal Instagram, where I can write in more depth about the going ons of that day instead of just a couple sentences. 

I get kind of annoyed when people basically write a NOVEL on their instagram captions. Personal pet peeve, I'm sure some people are super into it.

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