Midnight Iris Dress

vintage 1940s navy silk Claire McCardell dress

Twirling down the hall draped in this elegant vintage 1940s Claire McCardell dress, you smile...
Plaisir de Amour Gown

vintage 1940s black taffeta gown with embellishment

Vintage 1940s "Miss America" label gown in black taffeta. This vintage 40s gown features heart...
In The Spotlight Dress

vintage 1940s black velvet gown with fur trim

This is one of those dresses that really shines in person and photos just don't...
Bit Of Spark Dress

vintage 1940s black crepe sequined dress

Vintage 1940s black crepe party dress with pretty sequin detailing along the front bodice. This...
Cloud Watching Dress

vintage early 1940s navy chiffon and checkered dress

Vintage late 1930s early 1940s navy blue checkered dress. Vintage late 30s dress has long...
In Simple Form Set

vintage 1940s ceam knit separates with crown applique

Vintage 1940s cream knit separates with royal crown appliqué on center of bodice. This vintage...
Laced in Tradition Dress

vintage 1940s ecru dots lace sundress

Vintage late 1940s light cream sundress with lace polka dots and rhinestone decorated buttons along...
Dusk On Sails Dress

vintage 1940s sky blue polka dot dress

Vintage 1940s sky blue swiss polka dot dress with adorable buttons all along the back....
$118.40 $148.00
Our Last Summer Dress

vintage 1940s purple plaid maxi dress

Vintage 1940s purple plaid maxi dress. This 40s maxi dress is homemade and features a...
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