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Feminine Vintage Skirts / Vintage 1900s Edwardian White Cotton Petticoat Skirt
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sku: V11998

style: antique 1910s Edwardian cotton petticoat

vintage / modern: Vintage

Antique 1910s Edwardian white cotton petticoat. With subtle gathering at the waist and a pretty embroidered eyelets at the hem, this skirt is timelessly romantic and softly feminine. Wear as a petticoat beneath skirts and dresses, or wear alone with...

Antique Blouse / Antique Edwardian Blouse / Vintage 1910s Edwardian Top
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sku: V1107

style: antique 1910s Edwardian sheer embroidered silk crepe blouse

vintage / modern: Vintage

Delicate and feminine antique 1910s blouse in pale vanilla cream. This romantic antique Edwardian blouse is made of soft silk crepe and features French blue embroidery detailing on front. Some signs of age and few yellow spots (it is about...

Antique 1910s Blouse / Antique Edwardian Blouse / Light of Days Blouse
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sku: V1086

style: antique 1910s 1920s pale yellow embroidered blouse

vintage / modern: Vintage

Antique 1910s Edwardian blouse in pale buttercream yellow. This antique blouse from the late teens era and early 1920s has sailor style collar, pretty floral embroidery, and buttons along the front for closure. Sheer. size + details measurements: 18" length...

Antique Edwardian Clothing / Antique 1910s 1920s Filet Lace Top / Woven Timbre Top
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sku: V1082

style: antique 1910s 1920s filet lace crochet top

vintage / modern: Vintage

Beautifully handmade antique late Edwardian early 1920s filet crochet lace top that drapes over the shoulders. This would have been worn with a columnar style dress (late teens, early 20s period) and would have been considered to be quite bohemian...

Antique Edwardian Lawn Dress / Antique 1910s Dress / Sunday Afternoon Dress
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sku: 3466

style: antique 1910s Edwardian batiste lawn dress

vintage / modern: 1910s

Antique 1910s Edwardian lawn dress in soft sheer cotton batiste. This antique Edwardian dress has embroidered lace panel at bodice and long sleeves. Slip will be required for wearing. Small hole in skirt portion in back. size + details 44" length /...

Gathered Gossamer Camisole | antique 1910s silk crochet camisole
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sku: 3014

style: antique 1910s silk crochet camisole

vintage / modern: Vintage

Antique 1910s silk crochet camisole. This antique camisole is made of cotton crochet and soft silk. The top is a crochet yoke with ribbon threaded through for adjustability. The bottom is a crinkled silk with a gathered hem. size +...

Parchment Poems Dress
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sku: 2827

style: antique 1910s sheer cream gown with faint stripes

vintage / modern: Adored Vintage

Antique 1910s Edwardian sheer cream gown with faint stripes. This antique Edwardian lawn dress features a v neck, floral accent at the waist and soft ruffled edges on the sleeves. Hook and eye closures in the back. sizing - 50" length /...

Far Country Skirt / antique 1910s Edwardian skirt / Edwardian skirt
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sku: 2822

style: antique 1900s Edwardian pintuck pleats maxi skirt

vintage / modern: Vintage

Antique 1900s Edwardian pintuck pleats maxi skirt in an off white. This skit features pintuck pleats along the front and back sides. It has two hook and eye closures then snap buttons down the back. sizing - 40.5" length /...

Faint Recollection Yoke / antique crochet yoke top / Victorian crochet
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sku: 2717

style: antique 1890s Victorian crochet yoke

vintage / modern: Adored Vintage

Antique hand crocheted pale cream off-the-shoulder yoke from an antique camisole, shift, or nightgown. In excellent vintage condition, this yoke is begging to be stitched to your favorite dress, top or blouse. Features sweet puff sleeves and ties. If you're daring,...

Highclere Eastham Top / antique 1910s top / Edwardian 1910s top
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sku: 2669

style: antique 1910s Edwardian gathered peplum waist top

vintage / modern: Vintage

The perfect antique 1910s Edwardian blouse with a gathered peplum waist. This antique blouse features delicate lace detail on the front and a buttoned closure in the back. Sweetly pleated at the shoulders and sleeves. sizing - 21" length / 34-36"...

Youth's Promise Dress | Antique 1910s Edwardian Dress
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sku: VC-DRESS-131

style: antique 1910s Edwardian daisy eyelet lawn dress

vintage / modern: Adored Vintage

We love it when we find antique dresses that easily translate to modern day. This antique 1910s Edwardian lawn dress looks like something Free People might remake, but there's something so special about owning the original. This Edwardian dress has dainty daisy...

Antique 1910s white cotton eyelet rows skirt - Vintage and Feminine Modern Clothing Boutique
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sku: VC-SKIRT-032

style: antique 1910s white cotton eyelet rows skirt

vintage / modern: Vintage

Antique 1910s Edwardian skirt in soft white cotton with pretty rows of eyelets running down the skirt. Slightly sheer. Unlined.Size + Fit- 35" length / 25" waistFabric + Care- Cotton- Excellent antique condition.Hand wash cold, hang dry.

Vintage and antique Edwardian clothing, antique lawn dresses, pretty and romantic Edwardian tops, and antique skirts.

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