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Khaki Bento Bag
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sku: B265

: Khaki Bento Bag

vintage / modern: Modern

Handmade in the USA, this grey linen bento bag is perfect for a quick trip to the farmer's market or for picnics and lunches. Washable. Linen Handmade in USA

Mini Beldi Straw Basket
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sku: B230

: Mini Beldi Straw Basket

vintage / modern: Modern

Mini handwoven basket bag made from sustainable palm leaves perfect for storing small produce and goods around your home. Use it in the kitchen for garlic and shallots or store your hair ties and scrunchies in your bathroom. Twisted plam leaf...


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“Here, in this house, her recollections glowed like embers on the hearth, and each night, in their warmth, she’d take a memory or two down from the shelf and dance with them for a while.” Ari Berk

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