Flower Speak Robe

vintage inspired lavender iris floral print kimono

Airy and lovely light lavender kimono robe with pretty iris floral print throughout. This robe...
$39.00 $58.00
Fondness of June Skirt

vintage 1990s dark hunter green floral maxi skirt

Vintage 1990s dark hunter green maxi skirt with pale yellow daisy floral print. Vintage 90s...
Golden Sprig Necklace

delicate golden leaves pendant necklace

Always carry a bit of nature with you with this delicate golden leaf pendant necklace....
Lavender L'Espirit Dress

vintage inspired feminine lavender tie front dress

Vintage inspired long sleeve dress with tie front detail and cut out at waist in...
$74.00 $98.00
Lilac L'Espirit Dress

vintage inspired feminine lilac tie front dress

Vintage inspired long sleeve dress with tie front detail and cut out at waist in...
$74.00 $98.00

Imagine it's May. Imagine that for nearly three months it has been cold and barren outside. For so long, your garden has been filled with branches and the evergreen trees that could actually survive the cold weather. You sit on a bench with your eyes closed and smell the warm earth. The song of birds have broken the silence that has overcome your garden this last season. April was generous for the flowers and what were once bare stems and twigs are now bursting at the seams with leaves and blossoms. The garden is in its first peak, flowers exploding and singing with joy, "I've been here all along!" Still sitting on the bench, you take out your note book and begin writing. The world has begun thriving again, after its deep sleep and rest, and there's nothing more inspiring than being engulfed in the pulse of life.

Our Garden Prose collection are pieces we dream to wear in such a situation. It's a selection of romantic feminine style, vintage inspired dresses, feminine bohemian dresses, pretty floral dresses, floral skirts, peasant dresses, Edwardian lawn dresses, floral tapestry purses, vintage floral dresses, and many other things we love at Adored Vintage.

Imagine lounging in the lawn with our antique 1900s Edwardian lace lawn dress, swaying with the irises in our vintage inspired feminine lavender tie front dress, dancing around with the kiddos in our vintage inspired sashed dark floral midi dress, or attending a garden wedding in our vintage 1920s cream silk lace dress.