Bound for Summer Shorts

vintage 1940s side button up printed shorts

Vintage 1940s high waist shorts in summery blue cotton polka dot print. These vintage 40s...
On The Terrace Shorts

vintage 1960s black cotton high waist shorts

Vintage 1960s classic and sexy black high waist cotton shorts. These vintage early 60s shorts...
Apres Midi Shorts

vintage 1940s white linen high waist shorts

Vintage 1940s classic bombshell high waist shorts in crisp white linen. Zips up back center...
Percheron Field Jeans

vintage 1950s Lee high waist jeans

Vintage 1950s classic high waist "Frontier Lady" denim jeans from Lee jeans. These bombshell style...
Rose Variety Romper

vintage 1950s white rose print romper

Vintage 1950s bombshell white cotton romper playsuit with pretty as can be rose floral print...
Le Marche Biron Culottes

vintage inspired navy pleat linen culottes

The perfect pair of classic linen culottes for when you're searching for heirlooms at Cligancourt...
Vintage and vintage inspired pants, trousers, shorts, and rompers